“Suzanne’s coaching has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.  She has helped me to understand my issues from a different perspective, challenged me on the areas I needed to address, and counseled me to go beyond the barriers that were holding me back.

Suzanne has the insight to ask probing questions and get at the heart of the problem, at the same time maintaining the right balance of encouraging, listening, and understanding. As a result, she has helped me to clarify my goals going forward.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use her services again.”  Aysen Kara, Chartered MCIPD – Non-Executive Director at Rise Music, Executive Director at Third Culture Solutions

“Suzanne’s coaching sessions always bring the best out of me and help me refocus on what is important. She has the determination, skill and genuine belief in my ability to succeed and change my life for the better. For me I look forward to hour session because I know by the end of it I will have moved forward and be more in control of my own destiny. She is an inspiration!”    Henry O’Brien-Coker M.Ed, Head of Department Behaviour (AST) QK School

“When I started with Coaching, I did not know anything about it. I called Suzanne because she was recommended by a friend.

When I first approached Suzanne, I stated that I wanted validation and acknowledgment, which I can honestly say now is insignificant. Suzanne’s sessions helped me to declutter my mind and also helped me see things much clearer and deal with the issues that I’d buried. Her well-rounded experience particularly in spiritual experiences combined with her patient and calm manner, made it easier to connect with her but I also felt comfortable to open up about other areas of my life.

I learned that the patterns of behaviour that affected my professional life were the exact same patterns that affected my personal life. When I explored and committed to making the best of one, I was given the gift of improving all aspects of my life. I have gone from doing the things that I thought I needed to do, in a very hurried, disengaged and driven way to being the person that I always knew I was and wanted to be but just didn’t think I could or should be. I will leave each session empowered and to keep pushing forward and subsequently live a more meaningful life.

I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling of where I should be. I am confident and fearless and I know what happiness feels like which I denied myself of for many years. I have found a new person and I love the new me, everything that is important to me and I would not have been able to do it without Suzanne. I feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way it is overwhelming. I am embarking on new aspects of my life and I am so excited! Instead of a mid-life crisis, I feel like a door has been opened to the most exciting part of my life – I can’t wait!

I cannot thank Suzanne enough for changing my life, for the wonderful insight into knowledge of faith and having hope and wisdom in the beautifully worded sessions that were both meaningful and enjoyable, in addition to the support, encouragement and belief in me! I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone needing personal and professional development.” Thelma St-Rose Johnson

“My recommendation is this, if you have ever thought about getting a life coach, if you need someone that can truly help you see your OWN potential, Call this lady. I’ve been working with Suzanne for the last 4 Months, and she’s had such a positive impact on the way I view myself and my own limitations. I have achieved in the last four months more than I have in years…she really is that good.”  Anne-Marie Johnson, Freelance Production Coordinator

“As the founder and Director of Cornerstone Re-Engagement Services, I can testify about the tremendous benefits of being a recipient of Suzanne’s Executive Coaching Programme. This service fine-tuned my vision and equipped me with innumerable skills, which in turn further assisted me to identify and address the needs of my staff, students and the service provision.”   Chichi Meniru, Owner and Director, Cornerstone Re-Engagement Services

“Suzanne has supported me in the very fragile career point. Her soft skills and consulting experience merge into a truly interesting combination, which makes the whole coaching experience as the exploration of inner self.”  Margarita Ruszkowska, Student Corporate and Executive Coach, Coaching Academy

“I came to Suzanne not knowing what to expect from the session, all I knew was needed to reach my full potential with in my career –  actually in every aspect of my life. And the way to do that was to find out who I really am and not what people perceive and expect me to be. Being a closed person not really expressing how I really felt to anybody, I imagined it would be quite difficult.

I could of never of been so wrong, I began to speak and words began to flow out of my mouth, I believe this is due to Suzanne’s passion for her work and warm nature. She listens intently, without being judgemental and having preconceived ideas. Over the last two months my thought process have become positive which has allowed me to be more effective within every aspect of my life and I now have clarity.

This is all down to Suzanne, together we looked at my future plans and my desires, my opportunities and the roadblocks I may come up against. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone – she has helped me to open doors within myself, I never want to close.” *Anastasia King



“If you want a job done well then go else where.  Suzanne is about excellence.  She has consistently provided that valuable ‘third’ eye when it comes to communications, development and strategy for personal development;  professional advancement or business PR. Her insight and professionalism is the difference that makes the difference so it is without hesitation that I recommend her to those looking to take their project, life or business to the next level.” Sonia Brown MBE, founder National Black Women’s Network (NBWN)

“My company had numerous concepts that had been considered………and debated……and considered……….. Along came Suzanne, with her apparent dynamism, fervor, creative thinking, innovation, extensive knowledge base, excellent listening skills and solution focused approach. Within no time, Cornerstone was equipped with and outstanding and ‘understandable’ communications strategy and publicity materials.

“Suzanne consistently displayed that she is an excellent communications strategist, providing jargon free, (She’s the queen of summation) succinct and pertinent advice, support and guidance. She is meticulous and has a way of getting the job done, whilst inspiring and engaging stakeholders and producing ‘goods’ that embody the company’s vision.” Chichi Meniru, Owner and Director, Cornerstone Re-Engagement Services

“Suzanne is a talented networker, communicator, journalist and business woman. She produces work of a high quality, and to deadline. She will give you honest advice and guidance backed up by her experience and reliable instincts. Anyone who gets to know her will benefit from her perception, vision and determination. She is a very inspiring person to know and to work with!”  Emma Parsons, former deputy editor, Local Government Chronicle

“Suzanne worked for me as a news journalist and feature writer. She was a good writer, disciplined about deadlines with an eye for a juicy story and a juicy phrase. In addition I have found her to be a brilliant networker with real insight into people’s personalities. She also has a tremendous grasp of, and passion for, the issues. This mix of personal charm and intellectual skills makes her a very effective as a journalist and no doubt in anything else she chooses to do. She is very open and unjudgmental but at the same time she is astute. People tend to open up to her. She knows everyone!”   Varya Shaw, colleague and former news editor, Local Government Chronicle

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