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Awaken the Leader Within You

When you think of a successful leader, what images do you conjure up? Richard Branson, charismatic and exciting or Alan Sugar, straight-talking and bad-tempered? How about Hilary Clinton, ambitious and driven? What about closer to home, your current boss, your former teacher or even your parents or grandparents – what kind of leader were they? What impact did they have on you? Our view of leadership is normally shaped by our experience of either good or poor leaders – and this is not normally questioned, particularly if the majority of our experience has been with one type of leader. Unfortunately people in positions of leadership do not always set a good example, nor are they always equipped for the role. The common mistake most people make is equating leadership with seniority and big business, but this is an outdated and… More

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Managers: Develop your Full Potential

You’ve worked your way up the greasy pole and secured your first significant managerial role, and you are eager to show your boss that you can get results….. You know the product inside out; you’re great at increasing sales and wooing new clients. What more could you need? Well, you haven’t got a clue about managing people and teams, generating trust, drawing out potential, managing conflict, or motivating others and the only role models you have of management are your previous bosses who ran their teams like dictatorships.  Recognise this scenario? We know how the story ends, disgruntled employees who don’t respect you; you brow beating staff, not delegating responsibility; you’re overworked and productivity has taken a nosedive. People are almost always promoted into managerial roles because they are so good at what they have done, they are rewarded with… More

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