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Leicester City’s victory holds valuable lessons for leaders, teams and individuals in business

Leicester City FC’s victory in the Premier League is a ‘rags to riches’ tale that has lessons for everyone seeking inspiration, success and a challenge to the status quo. The Club’s historic feat has bucked the trend that favours only the richest clubs succeeding in a multitude of ways – breathing new life into David and Goliath possibilities. Whether a Leicester City fan or not, this rallying cry, speaks of the inspiration and hope the Club’s manager and team have afforded to anyone who has been touched by this staggering reversal of fortune – the stuff of fairy tales. With a squad that cost a total of £54.4 million, (the same amount of money rivals Manchester City spent on a SINGLE player), Manager Claudio Ranieri has led the team in its first major league win in its 132-year history. The style of… More

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Discover the Keys to Peak Performance at Work

Two months in, and well ensconced into the New Year, how many of your best intentions to turn over a new leaf and perform better at work have you honoured?  Is there a disconnect between your ambition and your performance? One of the most common obstacles to peak performance is lack of clarity about your role, putting your energy into low-value activities because you are unclear of where your work can have a real impact.  If you are interested in working smarter and not harder at achieving peak performance, read on and discover four action points that will make a significant difference if you apply them. Clarify your role; what do you need to deliver? “The things that matter most, must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least.” Goethe Most of us who have a job… More

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Managers: Develop your Full Potential

You’ve worked your way up the greasy pole and secured your first significant managerial role, and you are eager to show your boss that you can get results….. You know the product inside out; you’re great at increasing sales and wooing new clients. What more could you need? Well, you haven’t got a clue about managing people and teams, generating trust, drawing out potential, managing conflict, or motivating others and the only role models you have of management are your previous bosses who ran their teams like dictatorships.  Recognise this scenario? We know how the story ends, disgruntled employees who don’t respect you; you brow beating staff, not delegating responsibility; you’re overworked and productivity has taken a nosedive. People are almost always promoted into managerial roles because they are so good at what they have done, they are rewarded with… More

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