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Who am I? Discover your true purpose

Knowing who you REALLY are, and being able to answer that question in an informed and honest way is the key to fulfillment and inner peace.   We live in a society that is constantly clamoring to tell us who we ‘should be’ what we ‘should aspire to’, what stereotype or expectation ‘we should emulate’ that will build our self-esteem and enable us to ‘fit in’. There are so many issues, inward and outward that impact our perceptions of ourselves – it can be like a minefield. Many do not do the inner work required to reveal who they really are, but have been carried away on the tide of expectation, and the mask of ‘acceptance’. It is so easy to get sucked into this, believing you should fulfill trusted people and society’s expectations of yourself, to cement your belonging… More

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Create a Vision Board to Design your Future

Three weeks into the New Year, are your resolutions are already being compromised? Are your goals that were set with high energy and virtuosity beginning to fade away? Or are you struggling to locate your true identity, your wants and desires that have been put on a back burner in the busyness of life – and dreading yet another year rolling around with no change in sight? Creating a vision board is a great way to begin to articulate and clarify what motivates and energises you, and can be the first step in setting meaningful goals aligned to your true values, in addition to exploring the age old question: Who am I? A vision board helps to clarify and maintain focus on your aspirations. It is any sort of board where you display images and items that represent your passion… More

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What’s Your Story?

  You have just convinced yourself to take a leap of faith and pursue the career you REALLY want.  You’re venturing into unchartered waters…….so how do you convince potential employers that while you may be out of your comfort zone, you ARE up to the new challenge?  It’s time to craft your story.  A credible and compelling story is the key ingredient for success when you are going through a career transition. It can make the difference between potential employers warming to you and believing in your untested capabilities or writing you off as a ‘chancer’. Ever wondered why biographies are so popular? We are fascinated with the voyage of people’s lives, particularly those who have experienced a diverse journey, filled with twists and turns, with major struggles that were overcome. This combination can be captivating. That person becomes relatable, we… More

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