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Who am I? Discover your true purpose

Knowing who you REALLY are, and being able to answer that question in an informed and honest way is the key to fulfillment and inner peace.   We live in a society that is constantly clamoring to tell us who we ‘should be’ what we ‘should aspire to’, what stereotype or expectation ‘we should emulate’ that will build our self-esteem and enable us to ‘fit in’. There are so many issues, inward and outward that impact our perceptions of ourselves – it can be like a minefield. Many do not do the inner work required to reveal who they really are, but have been carried away on the tide of expectation, and the mask of ‘acceptance’. It is so easy to get sucked into this, believing you should fulfill trusted people and society’s expectations of yourself, to cement your belonging… More

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Break free from limiting beliefs that hold you back

What are beliefs? Beliefs are stories we tell ourselves about why we can and can’t do certain things in life. They are thoughts and ideas that are no longer challenged. They are not based on fact, and often remain unchallenged throughout life. They are defined as ‘a principle accepted as true or real, without proof, an opinion, a conviction’. Beliefs play an important part in forming your identity, self-image, behaviour and habitual ways of thinking. Some beliefs help you to succeed in life while other negative beliefs can keep you shackled. Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and ideas that are no longer challenged that hinder your progress – every thought, expectation and action is a direct result of what you believe. They shape the direction of your life and have the power to create or destroy. ‘Be careful what you… More

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Unlock your Secret Passion

As a coach, one of the questions I ask my clients in their intake questionnaire is; ‘If there was a secret passion in your life, what would it be?’ The answers usually reveal a prevailing passion or talent that they haven’t had the courage of belief to pursue. They usually explain this away as something that is out reach, so they ‘settle’ for far less than they are capable of. But from my perspective as a coach, their ‘secret passion’ is usually something that is achievable if they harness their vision adopt the right mindset, make a plan and add plenty of passion and motivation. There’s never a perfect to time to make a change that will greatly benefit the quality of your life. It may seem daunting, but this is just a state of mind, not the reality of… More

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Create a Vision Board to Design your Future

Three weeks into the New Year, are your resolutions are already being compromised? Are your goals that were set with high energy and virtuosity beginning to fade away? Or are you struggling to locate your true identity, your wants and desires that have been put on a back burner in the busyness of life – and dreading yet another year rolling around with no change in sight? Creating a vision board is a great way to begin to articulate and clarify what motivates and energises you, and can be the first step in setting meaningful goals aligned to your true values, in addition to exploring the age old question: Who am I? A vision board helps to clarify and maintain focus on your aspirations. It is any sort of board where you display images and items that represent your passion… More

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Leicester City’s victory holds valuable lessons for leaders, teams and individuals in business

Leicester City FC’s victory in the Premier League is a ‘rags to riches’ tale that has lessons for everyone seeking inspiration, success and a challenge to the status quo. The Club’s historic feat has bucked the trend that favours only the richest clubs succeeding in a multitude of ways – breathing new life into David and Goliath possibilities. Whether a Leicester City fan or not, this rallying cry, speaks of the inspiration and hope the Club’s manager and team have afforded to anyone who has been touched by this staggering reversal of fortune – the stuff of fairy tales. With a squad that cost a total of £54.4 million, (the same amount of money rivals Manchester City spent on a SINGLE player), Manager Claudio Ranieri has led the team in its first major league win in its 132-year history. The style of… More

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Discover the Keys to Peak Performance at Work

Two months in, and well ensconced into the New Year, how many of your best intentions to turn over a new leaf and perform better at work have you honoured?  Is there a disconnect between your ambition and your performance? One of the most common obstacles to peak performance is lack of clarity about your role, putting your energy into low-value activities because you are unclear of where your work can have a real impact.  If you are interested in working smarter and not harder at achieving peak performance, read on and discover four action points that will make a significant difference if you apply them. Clarify your role; what do you need to deliver? “The things that matter most, must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least.” Goethe Most of us who have a job… More

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Awaken the Leader Within You

When you think of a successful leader, what images do you conjure up? Richard Branson, charismatic and exciting or Alan Sugar, straight-talking and bad-tempered? How about Hilary Clinton, ambitious and driven? What about closer to home, your current boss, your former teacher or even your parents or grandparents – what kind of leader were they? What impact did they have on you? Our view of leadership is normally shaped by our experience of either good or poor leaders – and this is not normally questioned, particularly if the majority of our experience has been with one type of leader. Unfortunately people in positions of leadership do not always set a good example, nor are they always equipped for the role. The common mistake most people make is equating leadership with seniority and big business, but this is an outdated and… More

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What’s Your Story?

  You have just convinced yourself to take a leap of faith and pursue the career you REALLY want.  You’re venturing into unchartered waters…….so how do you convince potential employers that while you may be out of your comfort zone, you ARE up to the new challenge?  It’s time to craft your story.  A credible and compelling story is the key ingredient for success when you are going through a career transition. It can make the difference between potential employers warming to you and believing in your untested capabilities or writing you off as a ‘chancer’. Ever wondered why biographies are so popular? We are fascinated with the voyage of people’s lives, particularly those who have experienced a diverse journey, filled with twists and turns, with major struggles that were overcome. This combination can be captivating. That person becomes relatable, we… More

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