Career Coaching

Essentially, career coaching is about unlocking potential and increasing performance in a range of career-related areas from grooming for promotion, raising your profile, career transition, developing leadership skills to performance management, communication skills, stress management, work-life balance and finding clarity and purpose in work.

And there are added benefits; we spend a third of our waking hours at work, so it makes sense that we are doing something that makes us happy and fulfilled as well as being financially rewarding. When coaches help people to be more happy and successful in their careers, they are helping them to improve their lives in many different ways.

The process of career coaching looks at skill and development needs, identifies career goals, eliminates obstacles, generates new possibilities and creates a personalised and realistic action plan to achieve those goals.  The process is not prescriptive but works with an approach that best fits the client’s needs and way of working.

As your professional coach, I provide insight, challenge, support and motivation to keep you on track to achieve your goals, making sure they are aligned to the values you hold that are important to you.   I assist you gain clarity to set and achieve goals that reflect your true ambitions, talents and desires, while uncovering your hidden potential.

I am passionate about helping clients to discover their ‘authentic self’ to live and enjoy their true purpose in work and life.

Satisfaction at work

Where needed, I work with my clients to peel back the layers to figure out what career satisfaction means for them. For some it means discovering and mastering the work they will love that plays to their unique strengths.   For others it’s simply looking at what’s missing or needs to be reconfigured in an existing role to achieve optimum satisfaction and performance.


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