About Me

Professional Coach and Journalist Suzanne Simmons-Lewis (MA, BA Hons)

I help my clients to clarify and achieve their true purpose and ambitions in their careers and businesses, drawing out their unique talents. I inspire, support and challenge my clients in their journey to making their long-held dreams an exciting reality.

My Journey

As a journalist and communications consultant, a common theme across my work has been helping people see the possibilities and potential in themselves and take hold of the subsequent opportunities.  My greatest satisfaction in my work has been empowering others to succeed.

Now I’m fulfilling my purpose and potential as a professional coach, helping individuals, teams and businesses to unlock their potential and achieve their goals, through focused challenge and a healthy dose of creativity, motivation and inspiration.

I believe we are at our best when we are in tune with who we really are, what motivates us and optimising our unique skills and talents – being liberated to swap the straight jacket, for the bespoke suit.

Before qualifying as a professional coach with the Coaching Academy, I worked for over a decade as a journalist and researcher, and more recently a communications consultant, specialising in a range of areas from leadership, management, business and finance to education, health and social policy.


Mission Statement

Belief: I believe that people can achieve more than they think are capable of with the right inspiration, motivation, support and challenge. But this usually means venturing to somewhere they haven’t been before to unlock the possibilities and potential that’s waiting, whether it’s in a career/business initiative or a personal performance goal.

Purpose: My consultancy works to unlock potential, maximise opportunities and cultivate vision, direction and most importantly, achieve significant results through bespoke coaching services, strategic planning and first class communications.

Passion: I am passionate about unlocking hidden potential and helping clients to discover their ‘authentic self’ to live and enjoy their true purpose in work and life.

I’m passionate about the power of communication to enhance all areas of business and personal growth.  The benefits of good communication are limitless; from greater ownership, participation and increased productivity to better relationships, effective teams, raised confidence and self-awareness.

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