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The true definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…. Got your attention?

Do you need to try something new to achieve your career and business goals? Are you a curious about what you could achieve with the right focus, and a good dose of inspiration and motivation? Have you ‘made it’ in your chosen field, but you don’t like the view from the top?

I’ve created this Career Clinic to share my knowledge as a professional coach and business mentor, that will help you succeed in your professional life and beyond.  Because success itself is not the finish line, the Career Clinic goes further, encouraging you to gain real fulfilment from your working life by discovering your true purpose to live your full potential.

The Career Clinic is full of ideas, practical advice, eye-openers and motivational tips to assist you. So if you are looking for focus, direction, and inspiration to take the next step in your professional life, read on and find the keys to unlock your potential.

Venture into unchartered waters, the possibilities are endless……And let me know how it goes!

Suzanne Simmons-Lewis (MA, BA Hons)

Who am I? Discover your true purpose

Knowing who you REALLY are, and being able to answer that question in an informed and honest way is the key to fulfillment and inner peace.   We live in a society that is constantly clamoring to tell us who we ‘should be’ what we ‘should aspire to’, what stereotype or expectation ‘we should emulate’ that will build our self-esteem and enable us to ‘fit in’. There are so many issues, inward and outward that impact our perceptions of ourselves – it can be like a minefield. Many do not do the inner work required to reveal who they really are, but have been carried away on the tide of expectation, and the mask of ‘acceptance’. It is so easy to get sucked into this, believing you should fulfill trusted people and society’s expectations of yourself, to cement your belonging… More

Break free from limiting beliefs that hold you back

What are beliefs? Beliefs are stories we tell ourselves about why we can and can’t do certain things in life. They are thoughts and ideas that are no longer challenged. They are not based on fact, and often remain unchallenged throughout life. They are defined as ‘a principle accepted as true or real, without proof, an opinion, a conviction’. Beliefs play an important part in forming your identity, self-image, behaviour and habitual ways of thinking. Some beliefs help you to succeed in life while other negative beliefs can keep you shackled. Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and ideas that are no longer challenged that hinder your progress – every thought, expectation and action is a direct result of what you believe. They shape the direction of your life and have the power to create or destroy. ‘Be careful what you… More

Unlock your Secret Passion

As a coach, one of the questions I ask my clients in their intake questionnaire is; ‘If there was a secret passion in your life, what would it be?’ The answers usually reveal a prevailing passion or talent that they haven’t had the courage of belief to pursue. They usually explain this away as something that is out reach, so they ‘settle’ for far less than they are capable of. But from my perspective as a coach, their ‘secret passion’ is usually something that is achievable if they harness their vision adopt the right mindset, make a plan and add plenty of passion and motivation. There’s never a perfect to time to make a change that will greatly benefit the quality of your life. It may seem daunting, but this is just a state of mind, not the reality of… More

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